TThis is basically what’s been happening since I’ve been home. The weather is warm, the relaxation is pleasant and I feel like I don’t have to think about anything I want to put on hold. Of course, there’s been some slips and I spent an afternoon crying once, but other than that, the sun in my back is keeping me in brighter spirits. I’ll probably write a post breaking down my thoughts into categories so you—and eventually I, when I glance back through the post—can skip anything unimportant or potential dampers on your mood.

This must be what spring break was always supposed to feel like. <3

Photos from the top, then going right to left along the rows below the main image:

1. The cliffs along Redondo Beach
2. Ginger, my beloved 10-year-old German shepherd
3. Daisy, my little string bean/7-month-old German shepherd
4. The mountains nearing L.A. on my flight homeĀ 
5. The avenues in Redondo Beach in front of Green Temple, the restaurant where I had lunch with my cousinĀ